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Global MISSIONs 

Zach and Sarah Blickens
(White Ribbon Day)

Nashville, TN 
Zach and Sarah have a vision to set foot on every nation and use music and the spoken word to share the simple, life-changing message of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.  They travel with their band White Ribbon Day as part of On the Go Ministries, an evangelistic ministry based in Nashville, TN.  They have now stepped foot on more than ten nations and shared the love of Jesus with over 60,000 people!  Please pray for protection, provision, and most importantly, for the grace to clearly and powerfully communicate the love of Jesus with those who desperately need it!

Erica Blickens
(Africa for Christ)

Mozambique, Africa
Erica is working with Africa For Christ,
a South African, nondenominational, evangelical, church planting organization based in Xai-Xai, Mozambique.   Most of the time, Erica is living in a camper in Xai-Xai, however, responsibility for the administration of Africa for Christ also brings her across the border regularly to South Africa.  In Mozambique, Ericas responsibilities include daily house visits, weekly prison ministry
and hospital visits, and other
ministry in the five Africa for Christ
church plants in the Xai-Xai area.

Leadership for Development

International Missions in Asia
Leadership For Development is a training program
for Chinese workers who are
called to serve in the least reached and least accessible nations of the 10-40 Window. Responding to the call to reach all the ethno-linguinstic groups is the primary
job of the Church.  

The Hoops
(Serving With The C&MA)

International Missions in Asia
We are blessed to be part of the C&MA,
through which the Kingdom is truly making a GLOBAL impact! Since 1887, The Alliance has served the spiritual and physical needs of millions of men, women and children in every part of the world.  Today the C&MAs global ministries encompass 13,609 churches and church groups including more than 4 million people in 81 countries and territories! 


Zack Taylor
(Annandale Prison Ministry)

Annandale, NJ
Zach has a  desire to see everyone learn of
the salvation that comes through Christ alone, and he is making a point of sharing that right in our own community with those who reside within the walls of the Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility in Annandale, NJ. Mountainview houses over 1,150 youthful offenders some of which are juveniles.  While at Mountainview, Zack shares with the men through Bible Study,  one on one discussions and baptism.

Russell Abraham
(Global Gates MInistry)

New York, NY
The mission of Global Gates is to see
gospel transformation of the world’s most unevangelized people groups who have come to global gateway cities, and through them reach their communities around the world. The Ends of the Earth…the great challenge at the end of the Great Commission. For two thousand years, The Ends of the Earth have waited for the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. Today, God has brought The Ends of the Earth to us. North America’s megacities are now home to many unreached people groups from around the world. Through these unreached urban communities, God has opened a gateway
 that reaches to The Ends of the Earth.

Jennifer Marmolejos

Bridgewater/Raritan, NJ
We invite kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process. Young Life doesn't start with a program. It starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don't happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency. Young Life is made up of people like you - who know that life was meant to be fully lived. If you're in middle school, high school or college, there's a seat at the table here for you. And if you're an adult who cares about kids, there are tons of ways to get involved.

Shannon Campbell

State College, PA
DiscipleMakers is a Christian campus ministry based in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to raise up the next generation of leaders for the Church by training college students in Bible study, gospel-driven discipleship, and evangelism. DiscipleMakers' purpose is to live out Jesus' parting words, “Go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19). We send our staff to college campuses not only because the campus needs to experience the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ, but also because college
students are strategically positioned to
make a big impact in the world and in the
next generation for Christ.


Walter Hoving Home
for Women

Oxford, NJ
Our Mission:
To provide a loving community devoted to rebuilding shattered lives that empowers women to fulfill their God-given purpose.
Learn how you can help the women at the Hoving Home discover a newly redeemed life in Christ.

First Choice Women's
Resource Center

Morristown, NJ
Our mission is clear, First Choice Women’s Resource Centers exists to encourage and equip women and men to make informed pregnancy decisions. We do not benefit financially from any decision a client makes and we do not charge for our services. We believe that women and men are capable of making their own choices when given accurate information.

Community Partnerships

Bedminster Fire & Rescue

Bedminster Police

Independence for Veterans

Bedminster Office Of
Emergency Management

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