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Matthew 28:19

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Global MISSIONs 

Zach & Sarah Blickens

39 Nations in 10 Years 
Zach and Sarah have a vision to set foot on every nation and use music and the spoken word to share the simple, life-changing message of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.  They travel as part of On the Go Ministries, an evangelistic ministry based in Nashville, TN.
Pray for protection, provision, and most importantly, for the grace to clearly and powerfully communicate the love of Jesus with those who desperately need it!

Leadership for Development
(Affiliate of the C&MA)

Southeast Asia
LFD's Vision and Mission are to train and equip cross-cultural missionaries from House Churches in China, Thailand, and Cambodia to serve in the least reached and least accessible nations.

Pray for those on the field who are learning local languages and culture in order to build relationships to share the gospel.
Pray for the workers who are experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Sean & Suzy McLain
(Serving With the C&MA)

Waren, Germany
Sean & Suzy are serving in the eastern part of Germany, which has been called “the most godless place on earth.” A study done in 2012 couldn’t find a single person under the age of 28 who believed in God.

Pray for the efforts to see the new church plant flourish and become sustainable. Pray for current outreach efforts as they seek to establish new and creative ways to engage the community with the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Erica Blickens
(Africa for Christ)

Mozambique, Africa
Erica is working with Africa For Christ,
a South African, nondenominational, evangelical, church planting organization. She is based in Chicorôa, Mozambique where she makes regular house visits sharing the Word of God, works with the women and children, and helps with the organization of community and service projects.  Erica also oversees the Africa for Christ office administration.

Pray that the church plants throughout Mozambique will grow and flourish under local leadership.

Jeff & Kate Hoops
(Serving With the C&MA)

International Missions in Asia
Jeff & Kate serve as Field Directors, focused on supporting and maintaining existing ministries, as well as sharing the gospel and utilizing humanitarian outreaches.

Pray for the growth of the local churches, continued favor with the government, and new outreach opportunities


Russell Abraham
(Global Gates)

New York, NY
Russell ministers to Bangladeshi Muslims along with planting a Muslim-background House Church. His intent is to reach those who have come to NYC - a global gateway city - and through them reach their communities around the world.

Pray for divine opportunities to share the gospel as well as softened hearts towards Jesus.

Shannon Osinski

Lehigh Valley - PA
Shannon and her husband, James, serve in Campus Ministry; Shannon specifically serves at DeSales University, Cedar Crest College, and Muhlenberg College. She focuses on training college students in Bible study, gospel-driven discipleship, and evangelism.

Pray for students to be curious and open to the gospel.
Pray for Christian students to grow in their love for Jesus.
Oxford, NJ
The mission of the Hoving Home is to provide a loving community devoted to rebuilding shattered lives that empowers women to fulfill their God-given purpose. They are a residential, faith-based, non-profit organization, serving women who have been involved in drug and alcohol addiction, sex trafficking, and other life crises.

Pray that the Lord leads women who need to come through their doors to experience freedom. The Lord has a name for each open bed in the home.

5 Locations in New Jersey
First Choice serves women and men in unplanned pregnancies, by providing counseling, medical services and practical support. Clients are served through receiving accurate information, select medical services, and support to help them make healthy decisions. All services are provided free of charge.

Pray for each woman and baby who enters their facilities.
Pray for their Real Talk Speakers who go to schools and present their sexual risk avoidance message in an interactive format.  
Bound Brook, NJ
Lions Gate helps underprivileged young adults lead healthy and successful lives
 through prison ministry, Alpha courses, mentoring, counseling, food and clothing deliveries, and providing housing. They also partner with a network of cosmetologists that use their skills to serve in Jails, Programs, Rehabs, and Homeless Shelters.

Pray for those who are in their residential program to be healed and grow in hope and faith.

Community Partnerships

Bedminster Fire & Rescue

Bedminster Police

Independence for Veterans

Bedminster Office Of
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