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Anyone who loves to prepare or purchase meals and who has a heart to serve others.


Help individuals and families in need at Grace Chapel by providing a ready-made, non-frozen meal.


All meals will be delivered to the home of the individual or family in need.


Meals are provided in the following instances: the arrival of a new baby and the death of a loved one. There are other occasions where meals are also considered, such as severe illness, after surgery or hospitalization, etc.


In times of need, it is an incredible blessing to see a friendly face and receive a meal. Organized meal giving centers around significant life events. When an individual or family at Grace Chapel is in need and friends ask how they may help, one answer is to provide a meal.


Hospitality can be made aware of a need through a request by email,phone, or referral by someone within the church. The Hospitality Coordinator will then provide a sign-up request through email to ask for Hospitality Ministry Group Members (volunteers) to provide a meal.

Reach out to director, Laura Cunliffe

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