Day 32: Brian Workman

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

The Lord has blessed me immensely over the course of my life and I have come to understand that blessings come in all varieties.  I have had seasons where everything has gone exceptionally well and other seasons where the only hope that I had was to put my trust in the Lord.
I was classically trained in all things quantitative and began my career in a marketplace that was evolving at an extremely rapid pace.  I rode the curve and was in a position to bring new technologies and techniques to large financial organizations. Though I haven’t always been consistent in my walk with the Lord, He was always there. I learned that if I could be patient and trust in Him, He would protect me. While I often felt exposed in the material career world, I always knew that He had me covered.
After too many years of essentially being “married” to my job/career, the Lord put me in a place and in a circumstance where I met Leslie and learned that there was more to life than work. It took me far too long to make the decision to marry and to change my life, but Jesus brought us together and kept us together through some very challenging times, and the blessings have been amazing. Leslie has provided me with the balance that I needed in my life and the purpose and the partnership that God intended for us.  I have a beautiful, God-loving wife and we have two wonderful sons. God is good!
After working decades in large corporate life, I wasn’t sure how I could translate that experience into something new that could help me provide the protection and security that my wife and family needed.  Managing large organizations in the relative comfort of major financial institutions does not prepare one for being a traditional consultant or advisor, or to operate independently of having an organization to support you, and I honestly didn’t have the technical skills to compete in the highly complex technical environment that drives business today.
However, I have learned that my many years of business experience was significantly leverageable and if I trusted in the Lord and actually listened for His voice that I could help entrepreneurs and business owners make good sound business decisions.  Now I connect people with opportunities and trust that God has it all under control.  I have learned that I cannot lean on my own understanding and/or make decisions on what I believe or want to believe.  It only works when you call on Him and wait on Him.
It is a new season now, and God is preparing us for it.  I am listening and learning that I do have a purpose.  
I am thankful that we have returned to Grace Chapel.  We feel very much at home and are thankful for the support and fellowship freely available.
"Father God, amidst all the cacophony in our lives, we listen for Your voice and trust that we will understand what plans You have for us."

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