Day 19: Leslie Workman

Psalm 37:4
"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."

It was January last year when God chose to give me one of the desires of my heart.  About 24 years ago, we moved back to NJ and built the house we currently live in.  Although we chose many upgrades, we left the small, original builder’s deck off the kitchen which was adequate for a grill, and to lean off of and enjoy the view.  But in my heart, I always wanted to extend the deck, adding bigger, more versatile space.
Over the years, we've maintained the house but have not done extensive additions or renovations.  The door off of the kitchen to the deck weathered poorly, eventually warping and needing repair, which turned into a replacement. The job turned out to be more extensive, with water damage around the door, so we bid out the job and picked a reputable builder whose son just happens to be dating our friend/neighbor's daughter, so we knew we'd get good service choosing them.
One year ago on our neighbor's birthday when three men, (one being the son dating the neighbor's daughter), were here working to remove the small deck...KABOOM. Brian and I heard a loud crash, but thought they're just working, so we didn't think it odd.  Turns out, the deck was incorrectly installed by the builder all those years ago, only held in place by nails, not secured by bolts or screws.  It was bound to fall at any time.  
The deck collapsed with the two men on it and one below! Thank goodness, no one was directly underneath during the collapse (as he'd been on and off all morning).  No one was severely injured.
Turns out our contract specified that a support structure should have originally been built by the subcontractor, which would have prevented this accident from happening.  The builder acknowledged his responsibility and graciously rebuilt the deck and replaced destroyed items like our grill, chairs, fire-pit, etc. and with insurance proceeds and some additional money we were able to expand and also replace the worn, weathered railings. Or, said differently, God delivered a beautiful new deck at an affordable cost, in a most unexpected, but hugely appreciated way.
Praise God!  He is so good.  He hears our desires- earthly and eternal- and is so good to us in all things!
"Dear Father God, thank you!  You are so good; your mercies are new every morning.  Thank you for always hearing us and responding with good things.  You are a good, good father.  Thank you for providing for all our needs, both spoken and those hidden in our hearts.  Your timing is perfect; your ways, far above ours and better than what we could think or imagine.  As we go through our day, our week, our year, our lives, may we always rest in Your goodness, grateful for who You are and all You do.  Thank You.  In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen."

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