Boast In The Lord January 13th, 2023

I Chronicles 16:11
Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.

While attending a messianic service three years ago, my husband and I were challenged to sign a contract with the Lord promising we’d pray together every single day. Up to this point, we both prayed daily separately, but infrequently together.  We accepted this challenge!  Our marriage, family and life in general has changed dramatically because of it. 
The word of encouragement below is one that the Lord spoke to my heart a year before that “prayer challenge” encounter took place.  I know that for us, making a commitment to do so brought the blessing. 
Children, never forget that your power and greatest influence comes while on your knees in prayer. You will accomplish so much more and my favor will be poured out on everything you touch if you first commit it to prayer. 
The world you live in is performance-based, high-pressured and competitive and it’s easy to understand how it’s gripped you in its clutches. Your eyes have wandered from being wholly connected to mine by looking around you and wanting to be like everyone else. The enemy has been sly and subliminal so that you haven’t even noticed that he’s kept your focus on everything but prayer. How can you impact the world around you and draw my Holy Spirit’s presence by overlooking the greatest pathway to my heart and blessings?
Your culture is full of educated, talented and attractive human beings but that doesn’t impress me. None can hold a candle to the ones who minister from their knees. Don’t you see it? There are people in the physical world who are seeking organic food, stream-lined simple housing and minimalist lifestyles. There is a longing to return to the natural and authentic. Likewise, there is coming a day, in the spiritual, when true followers will no longer be deceived by the outward showings of man. My people are wanting and hungry for naked truth and worship, because I AM enough. Follow the example of my Son who did nothing without first seeking me in prayer.

Heavenly Father, we worship you! How grateful we are for the gift of prayer. We come both humbly and boldly to your throne of grace on behalf of ourselves and others. We trust that you hear us and will answer our prayers. May we also hear your voice so we can co-labor with you and be in the center of your will in all things.

Theadora Guarino

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