Boast In The Lord January 23rd, 2022

A Word From Kristina Campbell

“And the Lord is the one who is going ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not desert you or abandon you. Do not fear and do not be dismayed.” - Deuteronomy 31:8

A few years ago the Lord took me on a journey to teach me how much I had to learn about surrender and trusting in Him. 
I recognized how much I elevated myself and my own strength and ability to “get it done” to being the god of my own life.  Sure, I loved the Lord, and I “trusted” in Him. But when the going got tough, I was the one who was going to “fix it” because after all, I knew best about MY life.
In that season, the Lord had warned my heart; that for what was coming ahead, I would need to trust in Him.  I would need to trust Him even when His intervention didn’t look how I thought it should, and even when I didn’t feel like He was handling it at all.
What a season of surrender!!! I quickly learned that as I surrendered more control, as I trusted in my Creator to be in the details and to go before me, to be my defender, my provider, my deliverer, my protector, that His peace fell on me more and I could see His goodness even when the situation looked impossible.  He taught me to rejoice through hardship and to even get excited when it didn’t look good because it meant He was going to show up in a new way in my life.
I am so grateful that prior to 2020, He taught me that He goes before me, and does not leave me nor abandon me, because that lesson learned earlier got me through that tough year. I was now equipped to know, that come what may, I will trust in a God who is moving on my behalf regardless of my circumstances or what my humans eyes can see.  He is good and He is trustworthy and I have nothing to fear!

Father God, I ask that you teach me to trust you; that I willingly surrender the need for control knowing that You go before me, that You will never abandon me or desert me, and through it all I have nothing to fear because I trust in You.

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