What is Your Worth? - Eph. 1:7-8a

I learned to play guitar primarily on a Takamine guitar I bought impulsively in high school. It wasn’t the greatest guitar, but it served its purpose for quite a few years. After Suzy and I got married, we moved from Colorado to New Jersey so I could take a youth ministry role at a church in the Princeton area. A big part of my job in that new role was leading worship, so it quickly became apparent that it was time to buy a new guitar. This time, I wanted to think the decision through, and I wanted to get a guitar that could last me for many years. Well, that kind of quality comes with a hefty price tag (especially for a young couple just starting out in married life), so as I began to research, Suzy and I also began to save. After many months of saving, I was finally able to go and carefully choose and purchase the Taylor guitar I use today. That guitar was carefully chosen and it was costly.

So far, in our study of identity in Ephesians, we’ve discovered that we too were chosen with care by God. On top of that, just like my Taylor, our place in the household of God was purchased at great price.

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. – Ephesians 1:7-8a

In the Grace Summer Life Group, we’ve been talking a lot about the idea of redemption in the Bible. For something to be redeemed is for that item or person to be “bought back.” Specifically, in a patriarchal culture, it was the role of the patriarch to search out any household property or family members that had been lost or marginalized and do whatever it took to restore them to the family household. This is a great way to describe Jesus’ mission and the good news of his coming. The gospel is that Jesus is on the throne of the universe and that he’s come to seek out his lost children to bring them back into the family God. Jesus is the redeemer of lost people.
As with any great treasure, the purchase price of lost children is quite high (a whole lot more than a mid-range Taylor guitar). According to these verses, the cost of our redemption is the very blood of Jesus himself.

Consider for a moment what this means about your value to God. Reflect on the lengths to which God was willing to go in order to offer you a place in his household. Finally, think about what this means for God’s lost children still yet to be found and the lengths God wants us to go to tell them the good news that God wants them back. Jesus was willing to give his very blood. What are you willing to give that lost sheep might be found?

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