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This week begins a new blog series. Over the next several weeks, we’ll take a deep dive into the first few chapters of the book of Ephesians. A major theme throughout these pages of Scripture is identity, specifically as believers, our identity in Christ. Understanding who God says we are is a critical piece of living out his mission for our lives. In his book, Soul Care, Dr. Rob Reimer explains that we all tend to believe lies about ourselves: I’m not good enough. I’m a failure. I’m a mess. Usually, we then try to prove those lies wrong by our behavior. We seek control. We strive for approval. We try to achieve things through our own strength. When our lives are built around lies (whether embodying them or trying to prove them wrong), it creates sideways energy that takes us off God’s path for our lives. In contrast, when we understand and truly believe what God says about us, the power of those lies falls away and we’re able to faithfully live out our purposes in Christ.

Today, I want to focus on the last two words from the paragraph above: in Christ. Some variation of the phrase “in Christ” (in Him, in the Beloved, with God, with Christ etc.) appears at least 25 times in the first three chapters of Ephesians. By this repetition, Paul is communicating to believers that the entirety of their identity hinges of Jesus. We are who we are only through Jesus. Take a few minutes to read through Ephesians 1-3 (or even just chapter 1). Paul makes some truly astonishing claims here about who we are as believers, and we’ll explore many of them in detail in the coming weeks. But right now, I want us to reflect on the fact that all of these things come from one source and one source alone: Jesus Christ alive in us.

This should give us cause to sit back in awe and wonder at the greatness of our God and what he can offer us. It should cause us to bow at his feet in gratitude for the fact that he values us so much that he would bestow such wonderful blessings on us. Finally, we need to hang on tightly to these truths when we feel bombarded by the lies. When you feel worthless, you need to remember your worth in Christ. As Dr. Reimer says, “the issue of your value was settled at the cross.” When you feel ashamed, you need to remember that he has made you holy. When you feel unlovable, hang onto the fact that Jesus calls you beloved son or daughter. When you feel unsure about the future, remember that Christ has promised you an incredible eternal inheritance in him.

Sean's Picks

Side By Side by Jon Foreman - This song by my favorite songwriter fits our theme well. Foreman reflects on what happens to our relationships with one another when we get our identity right. Instead of competition, we can have connection. 

Missions Spotlight:
Russell Abraham (Global Gates)

PRAY THAT MUSLIMS would come to Christ though a four page booklet with the references from Scriptures even from their Quran that we created. We were able to share with many Muslims during this season (virtually, through social media and in person). Over 300 tracts distributed in 3 Mosques in Jamaica.

Global Gates 30 Days of Prayer Guide for Muslim world:—I want to pass on something to you that I think will have an important positive impact on reaching the Muslim world for Christ. As you know, I’m serving as Evangelist and Church Planter of Global Gates. Global Gates is committed to reaching every unreached immigrant community that God has placed in global gateway cities. And, we (and I know you share this value) believe that prayer is the beginning point for every great co-laboring with God. That is why:

I would like to invite you and your broad network of  Church and friends in Great Commission Christians who want to see the Muslim world come to know Jesus to download or order a FREE copy of the 30 Days Prayer Guide from our website here:

We are grateful for you. It is an honor to partner with you to turn the Christian world’s heart to God’s love for the Muslim world.

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