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As we take a break between blog series, I wanted to take this week to tell you a little bit about our upcoming summer life group at Grace. For 6 weeks we have the opportunity to take a journey together through the lands of the Bible. For years, Ray Vander Laan has been teaching groups and making video curriculum in the Israel, Egypt, Greece and other biblical locations, helping Scripture come alive in ways that are transformational.

In this volume of Ray's teaching, he explores what it meant for Israel to be a "kingdom of priests" and how we are to carry forward that mission today.

Join me for 6 weeks of incredible video teaching with scenes from the world of Israel and Jesus, great discussion, and fellowship. Life Groups like this one are a great opportunity for you to grow in your understanding of Scripture, your connection with God, and in relationship with those on the journey with you.

6 Tuesdays (starting July 13th and skipping August 3rd)
Cost: $10 (bring to the first meeting to get your discussion guide)

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 Praises & Prayer Requests

• Praise God for a good campus transition/move to Allentown for myself. God is so gracious!
• Pray for the students at DeSales University and Kutztown University, that many would repent of their sin & turn to Jesus.
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